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i am flawed but i'm cleaning up so well.

entendre? make mine a double.
19 July
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the girl

I am an ex-twenty something Army wife and mother of two three girls. I'm a photographer and washed up vidder.

the journal

I often squee about fandom love, gripe about vidding woes, and lament the state of the world. I sometimes rant about RL topics like friends and husbands and kids but often those entries are private. If this sounds at all interesting and I don't know you yet, comment here. I rarely (if ever) turn friend requests down.

the favorites

TV Shows: Fringe, X-Files, Suits, Revolution, New Girl, Burn Notice, Parenthood, Lost, American Horror Story, Bones, Grey's Anatomy,
Films: Honestly, I'm not a big movie lover. Fight the Future and I Want to Believe (obviously), The Twilight Saga Movies (and books!!), Something to Talk About, 28 Days, The Sweetest Thing, The Notebook, V for Vendetta, The Mummy movies, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Signs, I Am Legend, Steal Magnolias, Pretty Woman, Legends of the Fall, Far and Away, Braveheart, The Harry Potter movies, Trust the Man, Troy, Love Actually.
Actors/Actress: Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Gabrielle Anwar, David Duchovny, Katherine Heigl, Jeffery Donovan, David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, Gillian Anderson
Teams: Jacksonville Jaguars, UCF Knights, Atlanta Braves, Orlando Magic.

the music

I'm a music whore. I love everything. Daughter, Angus & Julia Stone, Mumford & Sons, Lana Del Ray, Gabrielle Aplin, Unkle, Radiohead, VAST, Heather Nova, Explosions In The Sky, Death Cab for Cutie, Big 10-4, Yellowcard, Sugarcult, The Killers, Muse, Rilo Kiley, Foo Fighters, Sia, Thirteen Senses, Evanescence, E.S. Posthumus, PANIC! At The Disco, Fergie, Hans Zimmer, Lamb, Imogen Heap, Bob Dylan, Placebo, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Mark Snow, Bare Naked Ladies, Margot & The Nuclear So and So's, Sea Wolf, Sanctus Real, Dave Matthews Band, Snow Patrol, Little Big Town, Butterfly Boucher, Trace Adkins, Chris Isaak, Switchfoot, Nickel Creek, Gomez, Keri Noble, The Fray, Kate Havnevik, The Wreckers, Hoobastank, Chantal Kreviazuk, Julie Roberts, Moby, Clint Mansell, Tori Amos, and John Mayer.

the credits

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